About us
About us
About Us
PROFESSOR is an education development body registered under the name of Pusat Tuisyen Cerdik Sinar in accordance to Malaysia Education Act 1996 (Akta Pelajaran 1996). PROFESSOR was founded in year 2019 by enthusiastic and experienced home tutors who anticipate to deliver their knowledge to wider group of students. 

PROFESSOR aims to nurture students from age 7 years old to 18 years old. We provide DayCare for primary students and Tuition for primary and secondary students. Nevertheless, we have lecturers with UEC talents who ready to guide students from the respective field.

PROFESSOR serves education consultancy for secondary graduand. We evaluate, advice and register for students who are prepared to study abroad. We are the official partner for University of Science and Technology,Beijing (USTB) whereby we offer outstanding students scholarship to this prestigious university in Beijing.

PROFESSOR is now working hard towards its goal of becoming one of the top-ranking education center in Malaysia with its own unique education features. It is making huge efforts in shaping and developing a versatile, disciplined and innovative students.

 To work and achieve in accordance to ISO 9001 quality system.

To develop and train our students with versatility and innovation in all disciplines to best serve the needs of the society.

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